Testnet FAQ

Q1: After completing a transaction, I can see my ETH has decreased but I can't see the other tokens I received. Why?

You need to manually add the token contract addresses to your wallet. The contract addresses for the existing tokens are as follows:







Q2: Why is the price of ETH on the testnet different from the mainnet when converted to USDT?

The testnet is primarily for testing functionalities. The ETH and USDT on the testnet have no real value and are only for testing purposes.

Q3: I added liquidity for token pairs A/B, but now I can't see it in the Swap-Pool after clearing my cache or switching devices. What should I do?

You can re-import the A/B tokens using the token list. Once imported, go to the Pool section to view your added liquidity.

Q4: I received an error message when trying to execute a swap transaction. What should I do?

If you encounter a transaction error during a swap, try adjusting the slippage tolerance settings.

Q5: How do I switch between the Solana Mainnet network and the Morph Holesky network?

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