What is BulbaSwap?

BulbaSwap is built on the Morph and Solana blockchains. It focuses on providing seamless swaps and building attention around AI and Meme coins. Unlike traditional DEXs that emphasize Total Value Locked (TVL), BulbaSwap prioritizes trading volume as a more vital metric in today’s dynamic market.

What makes BulbaSwap unique?

  • Multi-Chain Support: Built on both Morph and Solana.

  • AI and Meme Coins: Focused on the most exciting and innovative sectors of crypto.

  • Trading Volume Focus: Shifting the metric from TVL to trading volume.

  • Telegram Integration: Trade directly within Telegram using the Pepeboost interface.

  • Fair Launches: Offering fair launches with low Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV).

Can I get Airdrop from Morph and BulbaSwap if I trade on Solana?

Yes, you can receive an airdrop and bonus. Additionally, there will be an extra boost if you trade on Solana before the Morph L2 mainnet, considering the potential vampire attack strategy.

How can I trade on BulbaSwap?

You can trade directly within our Dapps and Telegram using our Pepeboost interface. This integration allows for one-click trades and seamless usage, making the trading process easy and efficient.

What is the Pepeboost?

Pepeboost is a user-friendly trading interface that enables one-click trades directly within Telegram. It simplifies the trading process and allows users to execute trades quickly and effortlessly.

What is Fair Launch on BulbaSwap?

The Fair launch on BulbaSwap involves starting new tokens with a low Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV). This approach ensures wider accessibility and fairness, especially for AI and Meme coins, giving more users the opportunity to participate.

How does the Prediction AMM work?

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) can create prediction pools using our Prediction Automated Market Maker (AMM). These pools receive initial liquidity support, allowing KOLs to engage their communities and leverage their influence for better trading outcomes.

How can I get started with BulbaSwap?

Simply join our Telegram bot, link your wallet, and start trading with Pepeboost. Keep an eye out for new coin launches and participate in prediction pools to maximize your trading experience.

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