How to Swap(Solana)

How to Swap

  1. Navigate to Swap, then connect your wallet.

  2. Next, select from the drop-down the tokens you want to swap. For this example, we'll be swapping From SOL To Bulba.

3. Enter the amount of tokens you wish to swap. Finally, click Swap!

4. Shortly after the transaction is confirmed you should be able to see your new balance, although this can sometimes take a few seconds to refresh.

You have now done your first swap on Raydium. Now let's get swapping!

Pay close attention to Price Impact and remember to check 'Minimum Received' when executing large swaps or when swapping in a low liquidity pool.

Minimum Received is the least amount of tokens a user will receive on a trade.

Price Impact is the difference between the market price and the estimated execution price based on the size of the trade.

Slippage Tolerance is the maximum difference between a user's estimated price and execution price. You can access this parameter both by clicking "settings" on the navigation tab and "more information" on the swap interface.

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